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No Excuse For Abuse

No Excuse For Abuse

(This is the gospel truth.)

There is no excuse for abuse and never let anyone make you think otherwise! Abuse is NOT love, it is NOT a one time thing, It is NOT your fault, It is NOT anything you have done to bring it upon yourself.  

It WILL happen again, it WILL get worse, your abuser WILL try to make you think it's your fault, they WILL try and make you think you are worthless, they WILL make you think no one cares about you. 

Don't let this be you and if it IS you...then GET OUT!

You can not control being abused there is only one person that could do that and they won't even though they will tell you that they will. They will tell you it will never happen again (you yourself  in the beginning will think it was a one time thing.) It will not be!

The only thing you can control about abuse is changing locations and getting the help you need. Never tell your abuser you are going to leave just pick a time when they are gone and get the hell out of Dodge. Always and I mean always report abuse to the police. 

Most importantly and please listen to this: NEVER, EVER feel sorry for anyone that is abusing you I do not care what relation they are to you, family, boyfriend or husband. 

Be safe, Be Smart but DO NOT BE QUIET!

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