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Are You Preventing a Victim of Abuse From Telling?

 Are You Preventing a Victim of Abuse From Telling?

Are you preventing a victim of abuse from telling you, or anyone else about being abused? I know you might think this sounds crazy but hear me out. It might save someone you love.

Living with any type of abuse is hard enough, but it is excruciating when you live in it and can't tell those you love. You might think, "Well why would someone be afraid to tell family or a friend or even the police." 

The answer to this is much simpler than you might think at first.

First of all most victims of abuse have lost control of their life, who they are and they are scared to death. They might feel like they have no one but family and friends but guess what? They can't come to you because the fear of (you) going to jail for retaliation terrifies them more than the abuser. 

Think about this how many times have you said, "If they ever hurt my family or friends I would killed them?" Someone that is being abused may have even heard it. Do you think they want to see you in trouble? Think hard on what I have just said.  

In addition, you might not be the police but, the victim knows if they do go to the police you will find out and may still deliver retaliation. You are a victims front line protector and you have to realize this. Never make a victim feel if they tell you something about being abused you will take care of it because, they don't want you in trouble.

I know you are their family and friends but they need you there with them not in jail. 

This is not to say you can't help them get the help they need and leave the retaliation to the court system.  

Be safe, Be Smart but DO NOT BE QUIET!

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