It's not what you see It's how you perceive it to be...

Did You Know You Live in Life's Mind Warp?

Did You Know You Live in Your Life's Mind Warp?

No, I'm not saying you are crazy. What I am saying is that you live in your own mind warp world. It is not what you see it's how you perceive what it is you see.

Your reality is in your own mind, truth, morality, good and bad is all in your mind. You can see this every single day all over the world if you will just stop and look.

We will be looking at the world of life through our own life's mind warp and you are invited!

Feel free to dive in with your personal mind warp thoughts, comment and tell us how (you) see the subject at hand. 

I'll make the first one simple, something that every one pretty much knows about and for sure most have an opinion.

How do you feel about legalizing pot?  

Naturally, those that use will be for it, those that don't won't however, when you go to answer this, I want you to be unbiased and use critical thinking. Think outside your Life's Mind Warp. Leave your comments then we will have a conversation about this post.

Let your wisdom flow,

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  1. I'll start the discussion. First of all let me state I am a Baby Boomer. I lived through the 60's and 70's with never even trying pot or anything else and I was not a drinker then or now. With that being said with what I have gathered through research pot is no worse than drinking booze. There are those that say pot leads to addiction hmmm well so does booze. My searches have said that pot is not an addictive drug. I feel that if one is legal then the other might as well be legalized. They say that pot ruins lives, I can personally testify that booze has ruin many lives in so many different areas yet guess what it's legal. Personally though I do not partake of or endorse it I do feel that it's no worse than booze and couldn't possibly hurt you worse than 99.9 percent of the legal prescriptions we are prescribed from our doctors.

    If the FDA is willing to okay something that can cure a headache and cause liver damage,heart problems or all the many different side-effect that most all meds on the market can cause I don't really think they should worry about someone getting the munchies.

    I rest my case how about you? What do you have to say about this?


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