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Juice Box Murder Child Abuse NO EXCUSE

A Gran Prairie Texas mother and her boyfriend beat her 4 year old daughter to death. The reason...she drank her brothers juice box! (NO EXCUSE) I am sure many of you have already read about this in the news but this post is not so much about this crime as it is about who and what actually killed this beautiful child. The listed cause of death was this sub-human mom and boyfriend beating this child with a bamboo stick and belt while on heroin. (NO EXCUSE)
The real cause was Child Neglect not from the parents but CPS. Sadly CPS had been informed of child abuse of this little girl and nothing was ever really done. The excuse for this was that CPS is over ran with cases and was short handed. Although heads did roll over this and several CPS workers were fired it changes nothing.
First of all none of that brings that little girl back from the dead, it does not save the next child that will die due to the next in-action from CPS. I know because I have seen and heard this excuse myself, "CPS an only do what the law allows them to do" and I understand that however in many cases there just is not enough workers and way to many cases.
What is even sadder is we live in a world where the law prohibits us from riding in our own cars without a seatbelt or talking on a cell phone. They tell us what we can and can not say and dictates the way we should feel about many divers situations. Yet...
They find a child that has been beaten,bruised, and has broken bones and what happens? Initially they might take the child only to turn around and give them right back. There are children out there with mentally ill parents that do NOT provide for their children yet nothing is done. The children are moved from one home to another because the parent can not get it together enough to work and provide even the most basic needs yet nothing is done. Then we wonder what is wrong with our world!
The little girls name is Leiliana Wright that was beaten to death. Leiliana's grandmother was aware and could not get anyone to do anything about the situation and without authorities help this woman lost her beautiful grandchild. In closing this post let me just say...
It is a sad time for our world when we get so busy telling others what words they can or can not use, how others should feel, think or act that we can not band together to change laws that keep giving angles of God back to (so called parents) that do not take care of them. In addition if the lawmakers are not challenged by us to change things indeed we are the killers of the children ourselves. It rest upon the shoulders of us to arm CPS with the amo they need to go in abusive situations and take those children and NOT send the back to death row.